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It cost $1000

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Q: What is the cost of an 11 year old birthday party at Dave and busters?
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Are there restriction on Dave and Busters coupons?

Dave and Busters is a great place for a party and even better when you can save a few dollars. You can actually sign up for coupons on the Dave and Busters website. Many coupons are for specific days, but your best bet is to contact their on-site party person to arrange the party and fill you in on all your options regarding cost. Make sure to mention that you either have a coupon or would like to get one.

How much do mahar guitar cost?

15,000 tickets at Dave n busters.

How much does it cost to put 100 dollars on a card at Dave and busters?

about 70 dollars

How much does it cost to put 50 points on a Dave busters power card?

4 bucks

How much does it cost to open a Dave & Buster's?

Dave and Busters is not a domestic franchise.. it is company owned only. If you visit their website you will see that they clearly state that if you inquire about domestic franchise information (within the US) you will not receive an answer.

How much does a power card at Dave and busters cost?

the card itself costs nothing but u hav to put money on the card

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Depends on the party.

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i dont think she does birthday party

How much does it cost to get Ross lynch for a birthday party?

Contact his agent for the cost.

How much does Dave and Busters usually cost per person?

Well, it depends how much money u have. If your rich, it is like, no money. If u have no money it is like a million bucks.

How much would it cost to have mattyb at your birthday party?


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The Cimorelli's do not perform at birthday parties.