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Tel # -- is for telephone.

Cel # -- is for cellular phone number.

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Q: What is the correct abbreviation for a cell phone on a business card?
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What abbreviation can you use for the term cell phone on business card?


What is a contact phone number for a business credit card company in the UK?

The contact phone number for a business credit card company in the UK is 0800 731 8919. This is the number of HSBC business credit card. One can call this number to apply for the business credit card.

What is the correct way to write Ph.D on a business card?


What abbreviation can you use for the term work phone on business card?

The most common one is probably "work". Most people are probably smart enough to figure out the "phone" part when they see something that looks like a phone number, and if they're not, do you really want them calling you anyway?

How do you make a business calling card?

A business card should have all of the needed information in a small format. The name of the person, business, all pertinent phone numbers, website, and purpose should be included on the card.

How can I apply for a secured business credit card?

You can apply for a secured business credit card at most of the major credit card companies like: AmericanExpress, Visa, Mastercard. You can apply for a business card by phone, or by applying online through forms on their websites.

What is cemf no abbreviation in creditcard?

what is the abbreviation for credit card charge

What is a cridet card?

The correct spelling is credit card instead of cridet card. A credit card is a small plastic card that is issued by a bank or business. You are able to buy items on credit with the card.

Which business card reader should I get?

If you have an iPhone or smartphone, business card readers can be downloaded onto your phone via Business Card Reader apps. These apps cost as low as 1.99 and allow you to scan cards and add them to your contacts in seconds.

What goes on a business card?

A business card is a very important thing as it conveys basic information about an individual and his company. A business card must include person's name, designation, email id, phone number, company name, address etc.

What should you put on your business card?

A business card should cotain the name, address, phone number, and e-mail address of your business. If you wish to add an advertising slogan, that's good too.Answer:A business card should contain basic information about you and your business, such as an address, phone number, email address, and your title within th company. Make sure not to cram too much information onto the card or it will look busy and unprofessional. Also make sure to choose a reputable business card printing company who can deliver great results!

What is an abbreviation for a master card?


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