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they are fast

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Q: What is the chemical similatities and differences between toothpaste and an abrasive household cleaner?
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What are the chemical similarities between toothpaste and an abrasive household cleaner?

Toothpastes contain also a small amount of tiny abrasive particles.

Which toothpaste does not have fine abrasive?

Just about any toothpaste can be found in a non-fine abrasive form.

What are four uses of minerals?

toothpaste abrasive cleaners makeup

What are four everyday uses of minerals?

toothpaste abrasive cleaners makeup

Is zirconium in toothpaste?

Some toothpastes can contain zirconium silicate (ZrSiO4) as an abrasive.

A protist used in toothpaste and polishes?

Diatoms are a protists found in toothpaste (often called "Abrasives for cleaning and polishing "), metal polish and car polish. The glass box that resounds the diatom forms a mild abrasive.

What brand of toothpast cleans best?

Aquafresh is the best brand of toothpaste. Aquafresh is not abrasive and foams a lot thus not as much is needed as with other brands of toothpaste.

What Function do abrasives have in toothpaste?

most toothpastes contain an abrasive such as calcium carbonate to help remove the plaque

Does toothpaste contain material from rocks?

It can. Some of the abrasive material might come from finely powdered rock, as can the flourine.

Is toothpaste safe for cleaning car's light?

There is a cleaner, somewhat abrasive, for buffing out the cloudy appearance of plastic headlights.

What phylum produces organisms whose remains are used as an abrasive in toothpaste What is the generic name given to these organisms?

Phylum Chlorophyta

Is there glass in toothpaste?

noansw2. ordinary toothpaste may contain chalk (CaCO3) as a gentle abrasive.An aggressive "whitening" toothpaste might contain finely powdered diatomaceous earth, which will be a silicate, and more abrasive. But the manufacturer should advise against regular use.