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You have the chance any other girl would have. Just becasue you don't have sex doesn't mean it's going to cause you not to have a baby, and obviously if a guy doesn't ejaculate in you your not going to get pregnant, but there are risk out there to where you can just have sperm rubbed on your vagina and you can get pregnant!

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2009-04-20 11:05:22
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Q: What is the chance of a girl getting pregnant if a guy has not ejaculated or has not had any sex in 7 months?
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What is the chance of being pregnant if he ejaculated twice and i have not had a period for 6 to 9 months?

very high. see a doctor ASAP

If you have been on Yasmine for 2.5 months can you get pregnant?

there is always a chance of getting pregnant while on birth control. birth controll just lowers your chance of getting pregnant but doesnt prevent it totally. i have 4 kids and got pregnant twice on birth control.

Can you stop taking contraceptive pills after 3 months?

You can stop taking them whenever, but you risk the chance of getting pregnant while off of them

If you miss a period after being on the pill for a number of months does that mean you're pregnant?

No. If you have taken your pill everyday as you should have and didn't skip any pills your chance of getting pregnant is slim. If you did skip/miss pills yes there is a chance.

How soon after getting pregnant can you have a miscarriage?

5 months

If you are not having periods from last 3 months is there any chance of your's to get pregnant?

If you have not had your menstrual cycle in three months and this has not happened to you before and you are engaging in sexual intercourse, whether protected or not, there is a great chance you are pregnant.

I haven't seen my period in three months?

There is a very high chance that you are pregnant.

You have been taking metformin for 5 months and the doctor just added clomid for this month are your chances of getting pregnant good?

yes you will have a very great chance at getting a bun in the oven now.....good luck!!

Do you have less of a chance of getting pregnant if you get your periods every 2 - 3 months?

Well yes, instead of ovulating 12 times a year you ovulate 4 times a year.

What happen if a girl didn't get a menstruation for two months?

If there is a chance that you could have been impregnated in the past 2 months, you could be pregnant.

You think you are 4 months pregnant Are you too far a long to miscarry?

There is always a chance for a miscarriage.

Could you get pregnant when you've not had a period in two months?

Getting pregnant requires sexual union (or artificial insemination). If you have had either you can get pregnant.

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