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Fiber-Filler Cereal (For 8 Days)

2-2/3 C. 40% Bran Flakes

1½ C. bran

1½ C. Bran Buds or All-Bran

1 C. sliced almonds

8 large pitted Prunes, chopped

16 dried apricot halves, chopped

½ C. raisins

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Q: What is the cereal recipe for the F-Plan Diet?
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Does the fplan diet actually work?

The fplan diet consists of low fat and high fiber. It is believed that a high fiber diet tells the body when it is full faster than eating other foods.

What is the best cereal to eat on a diet?

no cereal.

What does the cereal diet include?

While there are different variations of a cereal diet, typically these diets involve eating cereal for both breakfast, lunch and snacks. One can find more information about cereal diets from dieting websites.

Is an all cereal diet safe to eat?

An all cereal diet would not be seen as nutritious. For one, most cereals have a high sugar content. And there are certain vitamins and proteins you get only from certain food products (which are not in cereal).

How do you cook cereal products?

Just cook the cereal like the recipe says. If you don't skip any steps, the result should be fine.

Lose Weight the Healthy Way With Cereal?

If you have tried ever fad diet over the past few years and none have worked for you, try a diet that incorporates something you already eat: cereal. You might think that cereal is full of carbs and sugars, but in reality, cereal can be very healthy. Look for a cereal diet that includes high amounts of fiber to keep you fuller for longer, as well as added vitamins. You can generally replace breakfast and lunch with a cereal diet, and eat a healthy protein and vegetables meal for dinner. Try different varieties to keep it from getting boring.

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How can you find out how much iron is in a cereal without looking at the recipe?

look at the box, or google it

What is meant by diet recipes?

A diet recipe is a recipe for a food that is more healthier for you and will not give you weight. This could be tofu, salads, etc. There are so many diet recipes out there that you will never have the same meal.

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yes, crushed or broken

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