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The 620 is a 4.5mm or .177 caliber pellet rifle and is rated around 450 FPS.

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Q: What is the caliber of a 620 slavia pellet gun?
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Can you shoot a pheasant with a pellet gun?

It depends on the model and the caliber of the Pellet gun.

Can a 40 caliber pellet gun kill a deer?

If you are talking about a PCP (PreCharged Pneumatic) rifle. With a .45 caliber pellet, then "Yes" It can. I don't believe there is a 40 Caliber pellet gun.

Slavia 620 pellet 272733 made in Chechoslovia what is this gun worth?

I don't have much information about this rifle but I know that it's made/owned by CZ (Ceska Zbrojovka). I have no information on the model 620 but the models 618 and 622 are worth around $60 in EXCELLENT condition and $20 in fair condition

How much does a pellet for a pellet gun weigh?

Depending on caliber, they can ragne from 4-28 grains.

When you put a 22cal pellet in gun and lower the gun the pellet will fall out should it do that?

No it should not. Are you sure the air gun is a .22 caliber not a .25 caliber. Air you loading it right? Are you loading it through the breech? You are using an air gun not a real gun.

Can i kill a groundhog with my pellet gun?

No... Corrected answer.-------------- It depends on the caliber and power of your Pellet gun. But Yes it is possible. In fact many pellet guns and rifles are used for rodent control.

What caliber is a Winchester model 423 pellet gun?

Cal .177

What calibers are offered by air pellet guns?

Pellet guns tend to come in two standard caliber sizes. The first smaller caliber is the most common for pellets guns and is .177 caliber. The second is .22 caliber that can be found on some higher powered pellet gun models.

What is Pellet gun model 620 272733 Worth?

It would help if you gave the manufactures name and the current condition of the pellet gun. without more details it is not possible to give an estimate of value.

What gun will gamo red fire pellets fit in?

Any air gun or rifle that uses a .177 Caliber pellet can use the Gamo .177 Red Fire Pellet. No matter who makes the air gun. The Caliber .177 is universal to all .177 caliber pellet guns or rifles.

Can a pellet gun kill a Canada goose?

It is possible, Yes, But it depends on the caliber, Weight of the pellet, the FPS of the gun. I suggest using a Pellet rifle not a pellet gun. I suggest a head shot using hollow point pellets. Also a license may be required to hunt the goose