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Q: What is the biggest turn off in a teenaged guy?
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What is Trey Songz's biggest turn off?

His biggest turn off is one someone lies to him.

What is Trey Songz's biggest turn-off?

His biggest turn off is one someone lies to him.

How does a girl turn on a guy?

Take off your shirt ;)

What are some ways to turn a guy on?

suck him off...

Is it a turn off when a girl has her friend tell a guy that the girl likes him?

as long as you show the guy that u like him then its a turn on

Does Jason dolley have a tattoo?

HECK NO!!He says tattoos are the biggest turn off.

How do you make love in the shower with a guy?

turn off the lights and have sex

What is Justin Bieber's biggest turn off in girls?

Ugg boots and plastic faces.

Will high heels turn off a man?

I have never meet or seen a man turned off by high-heels. They really do turn us on (im a guy)

Can you turn blood off in cod black ops?

NO! why would you even do that? *sigh* This guy is incredibly wrong, you can turn it off, as all of the other questions say.

Turn offs for guys?

I am a guy so I would know this: -a girl that often hangs out with gay guys is a major turn off for the strait guy. -a girl that always wants her way is a turn off to most guys. -for some guys, a girl being smarter than he is is a turn off, but not always. -a HUGE turn off for a guy is the girl being a major feminist. not just minor feminism like believing that girls and guys are equal, but major feminism like believing that a guy is sexist for not wanting Hillary Clinton to be president. -finally, if a girl is too free with her favors, it kind of ruins the idea of a nice sweet girl for a guy.

If you are a guy how do you tell if you are good looking?

You will receive compliments but don't get vain about it as it is a turn off for woman.

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