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look your best

make him jelous

eat thing that look like <=== aka a banana

talk to his bff and get him on ur side...

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Q: What is the best way to win a guy back?
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How do you win back an ex if they have moved far away?

the best way to win back an ex is to move somewhere near her area , and do what u have to do

What do you do if someone else also likes the guy or girl you like?

let the best guy/girl win.......

How can a guy win back his ex who says she has lost interest and is seeing another guy?

get her jealous or tell her how you feel

How can you win your ex-boyfriend back?

ignore him and let be seen with a cuter guy.

How do you win back a guy?

well you just stay friends for a while and flirt.

If a guy dumps you for a slut what are some ways to win him back?

Buy him a car

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The best way to win a credit report dispute is to show proof of your claim.

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The best way is to talk your way out of fighting.

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How to get back an ex that you keep hooking up with but he has a girlfriend?

If he has a girlfriend and keeps hooking up with you, is he really a guy you want? You would be much better off moving forward to someone who doesn't cheat than backwards to someone who does.

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