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First you both get naked and most girls like the boys on top of them he sticks his thing in hers and moves it up and down don't be afraid to touch her where ever

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Q: What is the best way of sexual intercourse?
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Best way no to get pregnant?

Don't have sexual intercourse.

Is the 69 the best way to do it?

sexual intercourse is not involved in the 69, but for pleasure its ok...

Where is the best place to do Sexual Intercourse?

In the bed! ;)

What is the best way to get toned fast?

haveing sexual intercourse is the fasted way to loose weight because you burn alot of calories...

Whats the best sexual intercourse positions?


Should a women wear dress during sexual intercourse?

You can do it any way you like, but for convenience, couples usually undress, completely or partially, for sexual intercourse.

How do you avoid from getting pregnant in traditional way?

The traditional way of getting pregnant is by having intercourse - so the best way to avoid this is by refraining from any sexual relations. It is the only 100% guaranteed way to prevent pregnancy.

What if the 18 year touched his 15 year old girlfriend in a sexual way but did not have intercourse?

That would be sexual assault. Statutory rape is intercourse but all sexual deeds are illegal if the minor is below age of consent.

How is the 'f-word' defined?

As an expletive and a vulgar way to say sexual intercourse.

How do chimpanzees produce babies?

The same way that humans do, through sexual intercourse.

How does a godwit adapt?

by having sexual intercourse with a bear

How one became pregnant?

When one of one's eggs becomes fertilised by sperm either by the best and natural way which is sexual intercourse or by in-vitro fertilisation.