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Large bore muzzleloading rifles (.50 cal and larger) and muzzleloading shotguns.

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Q: What is the best use for ffg powder?
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How much black powder do you use in a 50 caliber rifle?

Typically 50 to 75 grains of ffG powder.

What black powder or black powder substitute would be best to propell fireworks?

Larger grain black powder, such a fG or ffG. Black powder substitutes, such as Pyrodex are not intended for use in propelling fireworks. Pyrodex R could be tried- rmember it is measured not by weight, but by volume.

How much ffg powder load for a 44 caliber black powder revolver?

fill it all the way up get 1000 fps no worry about blowing up

How much powder to use in a 5o cal Hopkins Allen muzzle loader?

Try 50 to 75 grains of ffg. Use the load that makes the least barrel fouling. I use 50 grains in my Thompson Center .45. 50 grains in my Cabala .50 carbine.

How much powder do you use in your conn arms 50 caliber stalker rifle?

Contact Connecticut Valley Arms through their website, and ask for an owner's manual (they are free) A typical load for round ball would be 65-75 grains of ffg or equivalent amount of black powder substitute.

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FFg black powder in a 44 caliber pistol?

2F powder can be used in a pistol or revolver but due to the larger granule size and consequent space between the grains it is less effective and less reliable than 3F powder. Generally 3F is used in pistols and revolvers up to .50 cal. for that reason.

What is the best powder for use in a cap and ball revolver?


How may grains of power do you use in a 50 cal rifle?

Contact the maker of your rifle for their instructions. It will depend on bullet weight. Assuming you mean a .50 cal MUZZLELOADER- and not a .50 Barrett- between 75 and 90 grains of ffG black powder is an average load for a patched ball.

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The best use of soapstock is to make varieties of soap out of it. Soap is used all over the world so it should be exportable. You can turn soap stock into powder by letting dry out and then itÊcan be ground into powder form.

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