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Well, that all depends on what it is you did to lose her trust. It was something really big and bad, you might have to give up and realize you may not be the best for this girl, and you always have to do what's best for her. Think about it. Is it the best for you two to get back together? But if it was just something small, then try to convince her that you'll never do it again (you won't, will you? think about that too) and that you just want to make her happy. eventually, she might come around. It depends on the girl.

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Q: What is the best thing to say or do to make a girl you like forgive you?
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How do you get your girl to forgive you for something you did before she was your girl?

Say, you are so sorry you feel like a terrible monster and cant forgive yourself. And she will feel that you care about her and then forgive you and then say thank you so much then french kiss her or hug her.

What is the best thing to talk about with a girl you like?

Teeth, positions, and whats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What if a girl asks you out and you were not ready for it and messed the whole thing up?

Tell her that you are sorry and that you were caught off guard - then ask her if she would like to go out with you if she can forgive you. Good Luck - remember always be honest.

You want to ask friendship to a girl?

ya if your going 2 do some thing like that 2 a girl it's best the guy does it

Your girlfriend is mad at you for lying to her how should you apologize?

if you love the girl you shouldn't lie to her ever. but if its just like a high school girl friend thing then if i was you i would tell her you did it and your sorry and you hope she can forgive you. everyone lies sometimes even if its just telling a girl she isn't getting fat when she is.

What is the best thing to do if a girl who dumped your best friend asked you out?

If you really like her and you know your best friend will understand say yes' but if you don't like her or you think your best friend will get angry say no

Whats the best thing to a girl what u like about her?

If you want to tell a girl what you like about her, the best thing to do is to tell her the truth. Take some time to think about what it is that you really do like about her and tell her that. Also, most girls want to be seen as good looking, so while you're thinking, think about what things you honestly like about what she looks like and tell her that.

When a girl is mean to you then she says she is just kidding what do i say to make it look like i don't forgive really easily?

people don't make friends with people who don't forgive easily. Forgiveness is freedom, so be willing to forgive.

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HELL YES ! Its the best thing specially if the guy or girl knows what there doing its the best thing in the world but make suree you do it right soo she can have plenty of orgasms

What is the best thing that someone could do for you?

How do you do In my perception, the best thing that someone could do for you in a relationship is give you the ultimate amount of love and make you feel like you are the only girl (or guy) in the world.

What happens if a boy likes a girl but another girl likes him what should the other girl do?

I think that the best thing to do is to tell him. Sure, he doesn't like you, but he deserves to know how you feel

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The best thing to do would be to call her by her name. But you may call people like her "lesbians."