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Define "best". I'm assuming that your an non athletic individual who want to get the in shape look without the hard yard but instead simply by popping pills. Try anything at the supplement store containing 1.3 dymeth, yohimbe and caffeine. I've tried a product call LIPO 6 black and drop a few pounds.

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Q: What is the best over the counter diet pill?
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What over the counter diet pill safe and effective?

Safe: yes. Effective: arguable.

What does Alli diet pill consist of?

The diet pill Alli is available over the counter or by prescription. The over the counter version is half the strength of the prescription type. Alli contains orlistat, which is also known as xenical. This chemical works by blocking the ability of the body's intestine to absorb fat cells.

Will you fail a drug test while taking fastin?

Yes you can so do not take the over the counter "diet" pill if you are taking a UDT.

What is redultec?

A diet pill that contains fentermine. I've only saw it in Mexico...where I purchased it. You can buy it over the counter there but you have to have a prescription for it in the US

What pill has fr40 on it and is pinkand round?

Sinus relief pill, over the counter.

What are the best diet pill?


Is avesil a good diet pill?

Avesil is an over the counter diet pill that promises to help people lose weight. It contains the special compounds Sensoril and ChromeMate, both of which have been shown to work in clinical trials. It also has other ingredients like caffeine that boost your metabolism. It seems to be a good diet pill, but it is very expensive.

What Over the counter pill that make you pee?


Will you die if you take 30 150mg of Elavil and 40 over the counter sleeping pill?

will you die if you take 30 150mg of Elavil & 40 over the counter sleeping pill?

What is the urine test level for methanphetamine?

I take medication for pain I tested 1000 mg for a urine test for methanphetamine after taking a over the counter diet pill is this normal

Where can you purchase the Alli diet pill?

You can easily buy this diet pill online, at retail outlets and over the counter at reputable pharmacies; be advised, however, that this product has some very unpleasant side effects. When used correctly, it does help some people lose weight, especially if the pill is combined with changes in lifestyle and healthier eating habits.

What kind of pill has l2 on it?

Anti-diarrheal over the counter. L