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You will have to shoot different brands to find out which is "best" for you.

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Q: What is the best muzzle break for a 338 savage to reduce recoil?
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Can the muzzle break on a weatherby v 30-06 be removed?

Assuming the gun is a Weatherby Mark-V then probably. Weatherby's Accubrake is typically threaded on the gun, and it is not a bad idea to unscrew the muzzlebrake ever so often and clean the threads. However, it is not uncommon to use bonding agents such a locktite in place to keep the muzzle-brake from unscrewing itself under the force of recoil. Depending on the bonding agent use this can make un-screwing the muzzle brake range from difficult to pipe-dream. It is also important to note that muzzle-brakes do more than just reduce recoil. Once a gun has been threaded for a muzzle-brake, said brake also pulls double duty helping to protect the crown of the barrel and has an effect on the barrel's rigidity. If you remove your muzzle-brake you should probably put it back, or replace it with a thread protector before firing the gun. If you firearm is not a standard Mark-V Weatherby, or you cannot unscrew your muzzle-brake you should have a gunsmith take a look at the gun for you.

What was the recall on a Winchester model 40 12 gauge?

The recall was because of a wrong size recoil spring. the shot guns recoil would break the buttstock after about 100 rounds.

Which is the most powerful rifle?

The most powerful in terms of muzzle energy is probably the .950 JDJ. The rifle weighs 80-120 lbs and even with ports and an 18 lb muzzle break with 4 mercury recoil reducers the gun still has 200+ ft lbs of recoil. .950 JDJ 3,600 grain 2,200 fps 38,000 ft lbs of energy. The most powerful shoulder fired cartridge is the 700 Nitro Express with a 20 lb rifle and still 160-200+ ft lbs of recoil. 700 Nitro Express 1,000 grain 2,000-2,600 fps 8,900-15,500 ft lbs of muzzle energy. The most powerful sporting rifle/cartridge also goes to the 700 Nitro Express. If you count black powder elephant rifles as sporting cartridges then its the 2 bore with its 1.32 in. muzzle diameter and its low muzzle velocity keeps it virtually painless and yet kicks slightly more than the 700 Nitro express. S&H 2 bore 3,600 grain 1,500 fps 17,000 ft lbs

Why do bears have a long muzzle?

They have a long muzzle so they can break a dead tree open and stick their muzzle in there to get the bugs inside of the tree for lunch. It also helps them to smell food from a very long ways away, much farther than a dog can detect.

What are the rifle attachments?

Bayonet, scope, grenade launcher, sling, muzzle break, sound moderator, etc..

Are the tasco world class scopes airgun rated or will they break?

Unless the manufacture states that the scopes are made for airguns I would not use them. Air rifles have a different recoil than firearms and the recoil will eventually ruin the scope.

Would firing a 50 cal sniper rifle in a prone position fracture your shoulder if a muzzle-break was not used?


What is the cost of 357 magnum Taurus pistol with 2 inch barrel with muzzle break?

100-300 USD

Does a compensator add to the velocity of a gun?

"a compensator is a piece fitted to the end of the barrel of a gun. typically its a tube with holes in the top. its purpose is to limit the upward verticle travel of the muzzle when the weapon is fired. the purpose of this is to increase the accuracy of the following shots." Some times it is fitted to reduce recoil in large cal. weapons like the Barretta M107, with such a large cal. (50 cal.) the recoil can just break your bones. This type of compensator has T ITS side vents that are tilted backwards to redirect exhaust gases backwards pulling the gun away from shooter therefore balancing forces and keeping an accurate shot and no broken bones :)

What is flash suppress or muzzle break?

Answermuzzle brakes are additions to a firearms normal barrel that are intended to reduce the recoil felt by the shooter by redirecting the expanding gases as they exit the barrel. Muzzle brakes have many different designs with varying effectiveness (some up to 60% reduction in felt recoil). The draw backs of muzzle brakes are: one in redirecting the gases they also redirect the shockwave which can then be felt by the shooter, The flash from the muzzle is also spread out possibly causing some loss of vision (mostly in low light, like someone shining a powerful flashlight in you face), the brake can redirect sound towards the shooter as well, also the redirected gases can stir up dirt and debris (especially in prone positions). flash suppressors do just what their name implies supress the flash created by the gasses exiting the barrel. The idea is to capture and diffuse or redirect the gases and thus redirect the light created by the ignited propellant. The goal is to make it hard for people down range of the shooter to locate his or her position by seeing the flash from the barrel. This is most commonly used on tactical or law enforcement rifles, but many civillians use them for various reasons, including aesthetics.neither of these reduces sound but some can redirect sound, again trying to make it hard to locate the shooter. Muzzle brakes and flash suppressors are not cheap, and many require attachment by a professional gunsmith. There are also integrated muzzle brakes and flash suppressors, the best example that i have seen is made by nor cal precision.

How do you tell the date of manufacture of savage rifle 23D?

I can say that the Savage model 23D chambered in .22 hornet was made by Savage from 1933-1947.I do not believe that the serial number break down by year is available in the public domain.

Can airsoft shotgun stocks fit on a real shotguns?

I'm sure some of them could, but since they are not meant for it they are likely to break under the recoil.