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That depends on what carry method you want to use. If you're carrying openly with a jacket over it, Fobus makes a good holster. If you're worried about it wearing down the finish on your pistol, the Galco Cop Series three slot leather holsters are good, as well.

If you want to do an inside-the-waistband carry, a simply Uncle Mike's ITW holster will suffice.

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Q: What is the best holster to use for concealed carry for a Taurus pt92?
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Obviously the answer to your question is qualified by how you want to carry. Concealed, inside belt, etc. The LCP being of small profile is designed for concealed carry so I'll assume that's the direction you're going. Talon Training Group custom manfuactures a holster that is the best on the market IMO. It is an inside the pocket style holster. Link is below. I'd also recommend you check out this blog dedicated to the LCP. Great knowledge base for any question as yours re: the LCP. Search your same holster question there and there you'll find some great opinions. There is also a video there that displays exactly why the TTG holste is the best IMP. You can draw with your index finger extended safely where others you cannot.

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That is a matter of opinion. Many instructors (people that actually do it for a living) will tell you that the best way is in a strong-side hip holster, but many people aren't willing to carry a gun that way. The most basic answer is, there are many ways to carry a firearm. The best way for any particular person is whatever way that suits that person's lifestyle.

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The BEST firearm for concealed carry is the firearm that YOU can carry comfortably, and use effectively. The .308 is a large rifle caliber, and generally not a concealable weapon. Many people will have difficulty concealing a very large firearm, such as a .45 or .40- although some people do. The .380, .38/.357, and 9mm seem to be popular calibers for concealed carry. Bear in mind that, when carrying a concealed weapon, there are factors such as overpenetration of the target to consider. While you may be allowed to carry a .41 or .44 Magnum, it is not necessarily recommended. Personally, I carry an XD45. It is a subsonic round, with substantial knockdown power, and a reduced risk of overpenetration (which is not to say that it couldn't happen). That works for me, but it may not be ideal for you. You should go to a range which rents handguns, and use that to help determine what feels right for you.

You are traveling to Sacramento by plane if Im a cop can you carry your concealed weapon?

This is a question which needs to be directed to the TSA. As you are traveling to California, if you are not a California resident, you'd be best advised also to contact the California Department of Justice regarding your abilities to carry a concealed firearm there. They may not recognized your position as an out-of-state police officer as justification to carry a concealed firearm, or may require you to obtain a non-resident permit to carry a concealed firearm in the state. Before you depart, you can contact the local TSA representative either by going to the airport in person, or by phone. I would advise you to do this well in advance of your flight, as it is not likely to be a particular fast process.

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With a CCW permit: It's OK.This is where it gets goofy: Without a CCW permit: The firearm can't be "concealed" AND within easy access of the driver. It must be in a holster, case, scabbard, and must also be stored in a place not easily accessible to the driver. When I'm transporting mine to the range, I unload it, put it in its case, put the case in the trunk. If you want to drive around with a loaded firearm, best to get a CCW. That's the message I take from this.There's more you can research on this, but know this: Open carry is legal in AZ, so holstered on your hip in view while walking around is legal, but if you then get into a car and start driving with the weapon on your person, you're violating the law. How's that for clear?

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Blackberry source .com carry holsters for the blackberry phone. They have numerous ones to choose from. They range in price from $12.99 to $30.00. You just have to find the best one that fits your phone.

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