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What phrase counts as "best" is quite subjective, as it varies from person to person. However, in my opinion, the best flirt phrase is simply, "You look good today".

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Simple, if u are hot enough you don't need words to flirt with guys. Just wear small outfits, and smile when looking at the guy. consider your job is done.

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Q: What is the best flirt phrase?
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What is the best way to get a boyfriennd?

FLIRT! FLIRT! FLIRT! eyes, body and laugh. say, "Will you go out with me?"and there ya go. hehe

How do you make your best friend fall for you?

Flirt! : )

How do you flirt with a guy you like with out your best friend knowing?

If this person is truly your best friend, you should be ok with them knowing so go ahead and flirt! XD

What is the best way to get someone to notice you?

i would say to flirt

What is the best way to get boys?

i usually flirt with them or I play hard to get.

Best way to flirt with a guy?

Be yourself, only friendlier.

What do you do if you accidentally flirt with a guy you don't like?

You don't "accidentally" flirt with someone. This is an action that is done when there is an attraction and it is a decision to do it, so it was no accident. You can decide you don't like him after you flirt with him and at that point it is best to forget it happened.

How can you physically flirt with a guy when you are sitting next to him?

The best ways to physically flirt with a guy when you are sitting next to him include smiling and touching him lightly on the arm.Winking and smiling while playing with your hair is one way to physically flirt with a guy.

What is a pathological flirt?

Pathological flirt is same as genetic flirt. It runs through your blood that your basically flirt. When someone flirt with you, you do the same flirt thing.

Which phrase defines social context best?

Which phrase defines "social context" best?

What should you do if you think a guy likes you?

The best thing is to flirt with him and see if he responds.

Which phrase best defines phrase?

c.not changeable