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It has been said that if you want to go on an Ulcerative Colitis Diet plan, you should eat a well-balanced diet which has quite a bit of protein (like meats, or tofu), complex carbs, whole grains and good fats.

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Q: What is the best diet to treat ulcerative colitis?
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Is there an ulcerative colitis diet that can help to reduce the symptoms of the disorder?

Ulcerative colitis can be a horrible disease to have, but there are things that you can eat to help the situation.���ulcerative-colitis/���creating-an-ulcerative-colitis-plan

What is the Ulcerative Colutis diet?

I think the best place to get information online would be

Is a gluten free diet effective for ulcerative colitis?

A gluten free diet is very effective for ulcerative colitis. Since ulcerative colitis is an intolerance to gluten, one with this condition would benefit greatly from a gluten free diet.

What are some factors of a colitis diet?

There are several sites that have information about colitis and diets for colitis. Here are two websites that might be able to help you: AND

What does a diet for ulcerative colitis do for the person who has this condition?

Ulcerative colitis is an autoimmune disorder. You do not need to be on a special diet for it! Although moderating your diet may ease discomfort and pain associated with the diagnosis.

Are there any diets for ulcerative colitis?

Yes, there are diets for ulcerative colitis! WebMD as well as will show you great diets for ulcerative colitis! These sites will guide you and provide you with a diet plan suitable for your condition.

What is the best colitis diet?

An ulcerative colitis diet is more about what not to eat then what to eat. You should avoid carbonated beverages, popcorn, nuts, hot sauce, seeds and high fiber foods.

What are some diets for colitis?

Living with colitis can be difficult, but adding or eliminating some foods from your diet can be helpful. Learn about diets for colitis here: and here:

Is there a site that helps plan a healthy diet for colitis patients?

Yes, there are a number of resources online that provide information about a colitis diet. You can try the Mayo Clinic or WebMD for starters.

Where online can I find a good colitis diet?

There are many plans out there designed to help those with colitis. WebMD offers an in-depth look at what one's diet should comprise of at their website URL:

What foods should I eat and what foods should I avoid when i have colitis?

There are no dietary restrictions for colitis. Avoidance of milk and diary products and highly spiced food can sometimes help some patients with colitis.

Where can one get advice on planning one's ulcerative colitis diet?

The website WebMD can help to plan a Ulcerative Colitis diet plan. WebMD lists all the foods that are best and worst to include in your plan. It is always a great idea to get your plan checked over by a healthcare professional such as your doctor or a professional dietician.