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You will have to shoot as many different weights as you can to find out. Each weapon will show a preference for one or two projectile weights.

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Q: What is the best ammo to use in a browning white gold medallion 7mm-08?
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What kind of ammo do you shoot in the browning medilist?


Can you use plus p ammo in a browning hi power made in 1988?

You will have to contact Browning for a correct answer.

What ammo does a browning 1955 9 mm shoot?

9mm Luger.

What is the moa for the browning x-bolt?

Unknown. Depends on the shooter and ammo used.

What are the release dates for Ammo and Attitude - 2011 Browning Long Range Challenge 4-7?

Ammo and Attitude - 2011 Browning Long Range Challenge 4-7 was released on: USA: 9 November 2013

Can you use standard velocity ammo in the browning buck mark camper pistol?


What ammo patterns best in a browning 300 wsm a- bolt?

Each rifle will pattern differently. The perfect ammo loading for one may not work for another.

What ammo is safe for Browning BAR in 7mm mag?

Only 7mm magnum ammo made by a reputable ammunition maker provided the rifle is in working order.

Browning a500rsaid it will shoot 2 34 or3inmag in anyorder is this true?

Factory ammo, yes.

What causes crack on cam projection pistol browning 9mm?

Component fatigue, ammo, etc..

How much does a box of Winchester white box ammo cost?

How much does a white house cost? There are several calibers of Winchester white box ammo, just as there is more than 1 white house. You need to check local shops for the CALIBER of ammo you need.

Can the Browning Hi Power 9mmP fire Luger or other 9mm ammo?

The Browning shoots 9mm Luger or 9 x 19 it is alo called sometimes.