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There are a number of benefits to adding wheat germ to a healthy diet. These include the high amount of protein found in the germ, and it has a low glycemic index. A small serving of around 115g will provide around 60% of a person's daily fiber. To take full advantage of these benefits, it may be best to eat the germ as part of the whole wheat grain.

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Q: What is the benefit of wheat germ in the diet?
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Is wheat germ an animal or plant cell?

a wheat germ is a germ made from wheat like a pesticide

What does alcohol do to wheat germ?

It allows DNA to extract from the wheat germ.

Where is DNA located in a wheat germ?

The Wheat Germ's cell's nucleus.

How is wheat germ taken?

for human consumption, wheat germ cereals and wheat germ oil are the two most popular preparations of the grain.

What is the meaning of wheat germ in Tamil?


Will raw wheat germ make our smoothie bitter?

If the wheat germ is freshly prepared from wheat grains it will not be bitter. However, wheat germ contains oils that quickly go rancid as soon as the grain is ground and the wheat germ separated out. It is the rancid oils in stale wheat germ that cause the bitter taste. When the wheat germ is rancid it no longer has any special nutritive value. If a package of wheat germ is on sale, it is probably because it went rancid and the store manager knows it.

Is wheat germ plural or is it wheat germs?

"Wheat germ" is a singular noun representing a composite thing. It is not correct to say "wheat germs."

Can wheat gluten be replaced for wheat germ?


How do you use the word germ in a sentence?

The microscope allowed scientists to directly see a germ, a disease-causing microorganism.Bill Gates' decision to build and sell computers was the germ of what became the monolithic Microsoft Corporation.He eats wheat germ to supplement his normal diet.

Why do you use wheat germ?

You use wheat germ because it has been found to be very beneficial in order to keep the body in tip top condition. It is used by athletes in their diet to improve cardiovascular function and improve endurance levels. Body builders will also add wheat germ to their diets in order to bulk up and maintain the nutritional levels they need to perform :)

What is wheat germ?

The vitamin-rich embryo of the wheat kernel.

How many calories in one tablespoon wheat germ?

One tablespoon of Wheat Germ contains approximately 65 calories.