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An icon is the picture that decorates a shortcut. The shortcut is a path to a file.

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Q: What is the basic difference between shortcuts and icons?
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What is basic difference between shortcuts and icons?

Shortcuts and icons have a few basic differences between the two. A shortcut can be deleted from one place and still stay in another space. An icon might only be in one area, unlike a shortcut. A shortcut uses use less memory, an icon uses much more memory.

What are the Icons sitting on the desktop are called?


What is the difference between system icons and user defend icons?

This will show you how to turn a system icon on the taskbar on or off.

what is name of icons at bottom of the macbookpro screen?

The icons at the bottom of your Macbook Pro screen are called Dock Icons. A Dock is a place where you can store shortcuts for your most commonly used applications.

What are the icon on desktop?

In the Windows operating system, desktop icons are shortcuts to programs that you can execute. To find out the program associated with an icon, right click on the icon and select Properties in the menu. In the dialog that pops up check the Location field.

How do you remove arrow from desktop icons?

If they're shortcuts, the arrow is part of the shortcut. You can't remove it. But you can use the Change Icons feature to select a different icon for the function or location.

How can you clear all icons from your desktop?

Aside from manually deleting the shortcuts and icons on your desktop (the Recycle Bin cannot be deleted): you can right-click the background, find "Arrange Icons By" and press "Show Desktop Icons". This'll hide all the existing icons, so if you press "Show Desktop Icons again, they'll all return.

What are the importance of toolbars in Microsoft Word 2003?

Toolbars store/show either icons that provide shortcuts or menu items. Without toolbars one would have to use only keyword shortcuts.

What is the main window where frequently used icons and files are placed?

Frequently-used files, such as documents, shortcuts, applications (especially uncompleted setup files), and basic computer filesystem access, are placed on the "desktop", which is the main background of a Windows computer.

Why do your desk top icons have arrows?

The icons with small arrows on them are shortcuts pointing to the actual file. If you delete a shortcut from your desktop, you are deleting only the shortcut pointing to the file, not the actual file from your hard drive.

How do you make word processor more efficient?

You learn how to work with it, You use keyboard shortcuts, You use macros, You use icons in toolbars.

What are the basic icons on the desktop?

The basic icons on the desktop are documents, recycle bin and computer. You may include any other icon that you may desire on the desktop.

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