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1 in 9.45

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Q: What is the barrel twist rate for a norinco mak-90 in 7.62X39mm?
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What is 1-7 barrel twist?

1-7 barrel tw = -6

What is the barrel rate of twist on a browning a-bolt 25WSSM with a 22 inch barrel?

The Browning 2007 Product Catalog states that the A-Boltchambered for 25WSSM with a 22" barrel has a 1 in 10" rate of twist.

What is value of a London Fine Twist double barrel shotgun?

I own a London Fine twist double barrel shotgun in fair condition, it was rated at $100.

What is the barrel twist rate of a Winchester model 70 in 264 caliber?

twist is 1:9

Explain the twist in a barrel?

Rifling imparts spin that stabilizes the projectile. The rate or "twist" determines how much

What is the value of a double barrel Fine Twist Belgium made by Union co?

fine twist london

What is the rate of twist in a browning x-bolt 22-250 22'' barrel?

It should be stamped on the barrel

What is barrel twist?

In relation to firearms, it has to do with the rate of rifling in the barrel. Rifling is the spiral grooves that puts a spin on a bullet to increase it's accuracy. "Barrel twist" is the rate of spiraling or inches per turn. That is the length of barrel it takes to spin the bullet a full 360 degrees.

What is the barrel rate of twist on a browning A-bolt with Christensen arms carbon barrel?

Impossible to answer without knowing the caliber.

What is the barrel twist of savage model 110 in 223 caliber?

the rate of twist i probably 9" or 1 in 9" not to sure.

What is the barrel twist on a Winchester model 670 in a .243?

The twist rate in a Winchester 670, 243 caliber is 1:10.

What is barrel twist of sako finnbearin7mmrem?

1 turn in 9.6 inches