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I'm 25 weeks and 2 days and my waist measures 39"

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Q: What is the average waist measurement during pregnancy?
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What is the average waist measurement for a 14 year old or a healthy waist measurement?

28 to 30โ€.

What is the average measurement of a woman's waist?

23 inches

What is the average waist measurement for a seventeen year old male?

The average waist measurement for a seventeen year old male is 32 inches. Female teenagers average slightly smaller at around 30 inches.

Average waist measurement for someone that is 5 ft 9?

this would be a very distorted average, as many people are overweight, but a healthy waist measurement for this height may be between 26" and 32"

Can pregnancy cause waist ache?

Pregnancy can cause a waist ache.

Average waist size of size 8 Australian clothing?

The average size 8 waist measurement in Australian clothing is 63cms. Each size increases by 5cms thereafter size 10 is 68cms and size 12 is 73cms. Just keep in mind that the waist measurement still goes on the actual waist... not the lower position that pants are worn today. If you are buying pants on Ebay or such, it is best to measure the rise also... which is waist to crotch measurement. The best way to do this is to measure a favourite pair of pants rather than measuring yourself.

What is a normal 16 year old girl's waist size?

The 'normal 16 year old girl's waist size' would not be the average waist size, as this would be a rather distorted measurement, as it would include the measurement of some overweight people. The ideal 'normal' waist measurement for a 16 year old girl would depend on the other proportions of the person, their height and their weight. So an average 'normal' may be between 26" and 36". Although, I am sixteen have a height of 5"5, weigh 105 lbs and have a waist measurement of 23", bust 33" and hips 32". Therefore, the answer is varying and maybe go along the guidelines of; the waist must be at least 5" less than the measurement of your hips and bust.

What is are the waist measurement units?

centimeters or inches

What is the measurement of Beyonce waist?

24 inches

What is the average waist measurement for a 16-year-old girl?

The average for this would be very distorted, as there are so many overweight people. Though the healthy/ideal measurement would be 24"-28", depending on height.

What is the average waist measurement in inches for a 12 year old?

My waist size is 28 inches. I think that is about average. Usually girls of our age are 26-32. I weigh 122 lbs. xThe healthy waist measurements for a 12 year-old are between 18 inches and 24 inches.

What is the waist measurement for a womens 34 waist?

US size 12, UK size 16

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