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Many stylish laptop backpacks cost at least $30 with some being more expensive. Basic stylish laptop backpacks can be purchased for under $50 with the average cost being around $40. The overall cost will depend on where the backpack is purchased.

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Q: What is the average price of a stylish laptop backpack?
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What is the average laptop price for a gaming laptop?

Currently, the average price for a gaming laptop is between $500 and $4,000, depending on the specific hardware that is built into the machine. Laptops with a more powerful processor and larger hard drives will be more expensive.

What is the average price for a laptop desk?

There are many different types of laptop desks to choose from. Mobile laptop desks (or mini-desks that an individual may take anywhere) are available starting at 150.00$ (USD). Adjustable rolling laptop desks are available as low as 19.99$ (USD). The average price for a laptop desk is about 45$ (USD).

How much does a backpack cost?

Well it really depends on what kind of backpack you are getting, and if the store you are purchasing a backpack at has a sale or some sort of low price. Say, of you were shopping at L. L. Bean a regular kids' backpack is around, from $19.00 to $100.00 well I can't tell you the exact amount but I hope I helped you! By the way is this a blog? Please answer! Thanks:)

What laptop is best laptop in India?

HCL me is best laptop in India. This laptop is best for home use or professional use. Best thing about this laptop is its compactibility and affordable price. This laptop is available only for Rs. 33,340 that is good price for any advance laptop. Intel Pentium dual core processor, slim DVD, 3GB DDR 2 RAM and 14" wide display are some advance features of this laptop. Get this laptop online or from any HCL store. HCL laptop stores are present in almost all cities of India.

What is the cheapest price available for Compaq Presario 1825 laptop?

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What is the price range for a backpack which holds a 17 inch laptop?

its price is around 29 dollars or more. For a backpack which holds a 17 inch laptop. i also use a backpack which holds a 17 inch laptop. its is very nice to hold laptop and other things

What is the average cost of a backpack vacuum?

The average price of a household backpack vacuum is $250. Many things determine the price of a backpack vacuum including hepa rating and the number of attachments. Industrial backpack vacuums are much more expensive.

What is the best laptop backpack?

Best Laptop Backpack : The best laptop backpack for your son would have to be the "Tech Air 3710 Rolling Backpack" as it is an affordable price coming in at 65 and will suit your son as the versatility of the backpack will suit him for travelling overseas

What is the average price of an Hp Pavilion laptop?

The average price of a HP Pavilion laptop depends on the specifications that you are after. The best way of finding the average price of a laptop containing the specs you are after would be to compare them either in store, or online.

What companies sell stylish laptop backpacks?

Ebags, Kolobags, are two great places that sell very stylish laptop backpacks. Also try Dell, Amazon, Zappos, and Kohls. Depending on your price range you could also try Prada and Gucci.

What is the average price for a Wipro 7b1631 laptop?

The average price for a Wipro 7B1631 laptop is close to $400 US currency. These laptops are mainly sold in India.

What is the average price of a new Dell laptop?

The average price of a Dell laptop would be dependent on the model. The price range one would be looking to pay for a Dell laptop of any model is from between å£400 and å£1000.

What is the average price of an Apple Macintosh laptop?

The price of Apple Macintosh laptops can vary a great deal depending on where the laptop is bought and what kind of laptop is purchased. On average, the newer versions can cost around $1100.00.

What is the average price for a laptop computer?

DealWatch: Price trends on 15" Core 2 Duo Laptops. Published July 7, 2009. Thanks in part to netbooks, the average price for a laptop has fallen considerably.

What is the average price of an Apple Laptop?

The average price of an Apple Laptop is usually around a thousand dollars. The latest models with greater storage and larger screens will generally cost more.

Where to find the best laptop computers?

For a laptop that is stylish and a good price, I suggest Gateway. They have laptops that run many applications for under $500. They are comparable to many other laptops that sell mainly for the name.

What is the average price of backpacks produced by The North Face?

The North Face backpacks can range in price from $50 to about $300. The average backpack has a price of about $90 to $100 dollars, most likely closer to $100.