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The average height of a 8th grade girl is 5.2 - 5.5

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The average height of a girl in 8th grade is about 5.5, but everyone grows to different heights at different paces and to different heights.

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Q: What is the average eighth grade girls height?
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Are boys or girls taller in eighth grade?

On average, by 8th grade boys are taller than girls.

What is the average height of an eighth grade girl?

i think average is anywere from 5'2 too 5'5-5'6ish ( that's just in my school .

What is the average height for a offensive lineman in eighth grade?

I'd say that the average height is probably 5-2 to 6' I'm an 8th grade lineman and have been nominated for all stars 3 times and I'm 5-6 180Ib. It's not about height or size it's about technique

What are average high jump scales for 8th grade girls?

I'm in eighth grade and my best jump was 4' 8", but i would say about average (at my meets at least) is about 4' 4" or 4' 6"

How old are the girls in the clique?

in the first books they are in seventh grade and after the summer series they are in eighth grade

What makes eighth grade girls like boys?

You are going through puberty

How tall is a 6th grader?

You want to know what an average 6th grade height is? Everyone is different but usually 6th graders are from 4'8" to 5'4"... I was 5 feet in 6th grade and I was always average when it came to hieght. I hope this helped. :-)

What is the height for jr high high jump?

The height of the 110m hurdles in Jr High is 33 inches (83.8 cm)

What is an average grade 6 weight?

The grade does not matter it is the average height and the age of the child that determines there weight.

What is the average grade of a seventh grader?

do you mean the average height, weight, age or what because usually the average grade of a seventh grader is seventh grade. what are you talking about