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The diameter of a lip ring is based on the actual size of the lip. Not all people are created equally and therefore the sizes can vary greatly from one person to another.

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Q: What is the average diamtere of a lip ring?
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Is lip ring a compound word?

Lip ring is not a compound word.

Can you have a ear ring in your lip?

Yes it's called a lip ring.

What does it means when you have your lip pierce?

To get a ring in your lip.

How long is the lip ring that they give to you after you get your lip pierced?

The ring is scaled (sized) to your lip, it's not a one size fits all affair. Your professional body piercer will assist you in selecting a ring that will suit your lip. Be aware that your lip will swell so the ring must allow for swelling.

Are you allowed to kiss someone when you have a lip ring?

yes you can. i have a lip ring and the person i kiss barely notices it. the size of the lip ring makes a difference. if it is large it might get in the way.

When getting your lip pierced do you have to provide your own ring?

Ok, i got my lip peirced about a month ago. They provide you with a lip ring. They usually ask if you want a hoop or a stud. I have a hoop because it heals faster. So no you do not have to supply a lip ring. But when you want it changed to a different lip ring you do. Hope that helped!

What is the symbolism of a lip ring?

The sybolism of a lip ring depends on the culture or ethnicity that a person got the ring. the lip ring can mean anything from a persons social class to a persons style sense. a lips ring imparticular is always saying something no matter what culture. Try looking a a specific culture then looking for the symbolism of the lip ring.

Where is the best place for a lip ring?

Safest spot for a lip ring is nowhere, you could get an infection which could be dangerous. For personal looks, on the side of your lip has the most attention for lip ringers.

How should a lip ring fit on your lip?

The ring needs to be sized to the lip and placement will be discussed between you and your professional body piercer at the time the piercing is done.

How do you put in your lip ring?

Well, I usually buy my lip rings from Sally's Beauty Salon!! On the back of the package of the lip ring it SHOULD say how to put it in....

Can you eat with the lip ring on?

yes you can eat with a lip ring on. it actually doesnt effect your eating once you get used to it . x

Did Tinkerbell have a lip ring?

Not to my knowledge....