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Impossible to answer. Each caliber has it's own level(s) depending on the load.

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Q: What is the average dB level of a gun?
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What is the average decibel level for an ambulance?

120 db

What is Decibel level of a 40 caliber hand gun?

.40 S&W 156 dB

What is the average sound level?

The usual soundlevel can be between 0 dB SPL = 20 µPa (threshold of hearing) up to 130 dB SPL (threshold of pain). An average sound level could be at 85 dB SPL. Scroll down to related links and look at "Average sound pressure levels".

What is the decibel level of a drum line?

On average, about 120 db, depending on size.

What is the difference between dB HL and dB SPL?

dB HL stands for decibel Hearing Level, and dB SPL stands for decibel Sound Pressure Level.

How loud is 60 db?

60 dB sound pressure level is about conversational speech listened in 1 meter distance.

What is db HL?

dB HL or "dB hearing level" is used in audiograms as a measure of hearing loss.

What does NRR equals 30 db mean?

NRR means Noise Reduction Ratio and 30 db (decibels) is about average. 30db hearing protection would be commonly used by shooters to reduce the sound of gun fire.

What does sensation level mean?

The sensation level is measured in decibels. It is frequency specific and starts at 0 dB SL (sensation level) where 0 dB SL is the softest the patient can here a specific frequency. This means that the SL will be different for different people. Everyone's SL will start at 0 but my SL at 1000 Hz may be at 23 db IL and another's may be at 54 db IL.Put more simply, dB SL is the difference between a person's threshold of hearing and the presentation level of a stimulus. If a person's speech reception threshold (SRT) is 10 dB on an audiometer (dB HL) and you present a speech stimulus to them at 50 dB HL on the audiometer, their sensation level would be derived thus: 50 dB (presentation level) minus 10 dB (threshold), which equals a sensation level of 40 dB SL. This is also the procedure for a frequency-specific stimulus (e.g. pure tones): subtract the audiometric threshold (dB HL) from the supra-threshold presentation level (dB HL) and the difference is the sensation level (dB SL).

How loud in decibels is the m2 machine gun?

About 132 dB(A)

What is the difference between dB SL and dB HL?

The "SL" in dB SL stands for "Sensation Level". The "HL" in dB HL stands for "Hearing Level". The difference between them is that dB SL is based on the hearing ability of an individual test subject, and dB HL is based on the hearing ability of an entire population of test subjects. 0 dB SL is the minimum level at which the test subject can hear a stimulus, usually a tone pip. The actual level will vary with frequency. If we refer to a level of, say, 40 dB SL, we mean a sound that is 40 decibels above a test subject's threshold of hearing. The dB HL scale is the mean dB SL of a large population (theoretically the world-population) of *normal hearing* people. They measured frequency-specific thresholds for alot of people, and averaged them to give the dB HL scale. Finally, dB nHL stands for "normalised hearing level". This is the same concept as dB HL, except the number of test subjects contributing to the average is smaller. It is standard practice for a Hearing Clinic to establish their own dB nHL scale based on all the normal-hearing test subjects they have had access to. This allows a clinic to ensure that the scale they use is correctly calibrated to their test equipment.

What sound dB level is a horses whinny?

A horses whinny can be very loud depending on the breed. The average loudness of a horse is 38 decibels.