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The serial number lists do not include details between 1913 and 1923, but the final number assigned in 1923 was 139700, so it is a pretty safe bet that yours was made in 1922 or 23. My guide suggests a value of $1200 in NRA Good condition or $2000 in Very Good.

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Q: What is the age and value of an 1885 Winder musket serial number 131255?
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What is the value of a model 1885 winder musket serial number 100105 in good condition?

A minimum of 1,200 dollars in the condition that you describe.Your Winder Musket was made in the year 1913 with the serial number supplied by you.

What is the age and valueof an 1885 winder musket serial number 116875?

Requires professional appraisal.

Is it possible that your 1863 rifle musket and its matching serial number bayonet are genuine?

It is possilbe.

Where can you find serial number for your civil war musket?

Library, book store, gun shop, gun shows.

What is the make model etc value of an 1834 musket serial number 122234?

Can't be done with just the serial number. Provide a detailed description of all markings, barrel length, accessories, finish, condition.

What year was a Winchester 94 30 30 Serial number NRA34113 made?

Your NRA centennial rifle,or musket was made by Winchester in the year 1971.

What is the value of Musket marked SPAIN serial?

Without more information; 10-1000 USD

How mch is a winchester model winder 22 short rifle bolt action serial 127039 worth?

Your Winchester model 1885 Winder musket was made for only 2 years(1918-1919)and was mostly chambered for the 22LR.So yours is a little special being chambered in 22 short.These fine made single shots will range in price from 300 dollars for a rifle showing 10% of its original finish,all the way up to 925 dollars for a fine example showing 70% of its original finish.If it is in great condition(80%or better) you could get in excess of 1,000 dollars for it.The winder muskets were given the designation as the model 87,but there serial numbers were in the model 1885 range.

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