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The takedowns were introduced in 1956 with the wheelsight configuration. At around 1959 Browning introduced the fixed sight. The wheelsights bring a little more money. Feel free to contact me at 417-830-5588 or e-mail me at and I will try to answer more. I have the same question, but have at least learned how to tell the age. This is done by the serial number which can be looked up at Brownings's website under the services tab, then "Date My Gun". I found that mine is a 1962 Model, in excellent shape. It was given to me by my father, but originally belonged to his older brother (my uncle) who died last year. I would like to know an estimated value if anyone has a clue. Here's that website again: I believe the Belgian made Browning .22 automatic rifles (pre 1974) are holding their value better than the later Japanese made ones. There are three grades (I, II, & III) and I have seen values range from $500-600 for used Grade I's up to $3000+ for Grade III's. It seems the Grade and condition are the big factors in determing the value as there doesn't appear to be much variation in specifications or how they were made over the years. The only reason I know even this much is that I have a mid-60s Grade I that's NIB, and I had the same questions as you.

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2006-07-20 02:08:32
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Q: What is the age and value of a Browning semi-automatic 22 rifle?
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