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The S&W Model 65 357 was made between 1972 and 2004. Its a six shot 357 revolver that can also shoot 38 specials. At one time, it was used by a number of police forces including the ATF, DEA and others as a sidearm.

Value entirely depends on condition and model. The Model 65 came in at least three barrel lengths - 3 in, 4 in, 6 in - plus a half a dozen different sub-models -1, -2, -3 -4, -5 and so on. The value depends on the barrel length, the condition of the finish, and the sub-model. The 3 in barrel is considered by many as one of the best snub nose 357 ever built. Average price of one in good to very good condition without any special markings runs between $350 to $500 dollars - but price will vary quite a bit with sub-model so this remains a guideline only.

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Q: What is the age and value of a 357 S W model 65?
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