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You will have to contact Browning.

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Q: What is the age and value of 12 gauge superposed serial 9476?
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What is the age and value of 12 gauge Belgian superimposed shotgun serial 9476? has a sn function listed under customer service you can use.

What is the age and value of a 20 gauge Stevens Model 9478 or 9476 single barrel shotgun serial D420056 made in Westfield Massachusetts by Savage Arms?

About $100.00 based on condition.

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I have a model 55 with serial number 7902 which was manufactured in 1927. Use this web site, click on model and enter serial number it will tell you the date of manufacture. or old to start Sam B at

What is the value of a 7MM Remington built in belgium has epps h dumoulin stamped on it and the number 9476 as well as 2 other stampings any help would be great thanks?

500 or so

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