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An optical mouse is great! :D An optical mouse is great! :D

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Q: What is the advantages of optical mouse?
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Advantages of 3d optical mouse to 2d mouse?


What are the advantages of opto mechanical mouse?

The laser of the optical mouse may bounce off certain colors and shapes on a mouse pad.There are no disadvantages to a optical mouse. The optical mouse just works better and smoother than the ball mouse, and you never have to worry about the ball getting dirty or hanging. I would suggest getting an optical mouse and throwing the ball mouse away.

What uses a device that emit and sense light to detect the mouse's movement?

Optical mouse: Most desktop computer users today have some type of optical mouse, which uses devices that emit and sense light to detect the mouse's movement.

How does a laser mouse differ from an optical mouse?

I dont own an optical mouse

Block diagram of optical mouse?

This could be called an optical fiber diagram.

What is the difference between a laptop wireless optical mouse and a wireless laser optical mouse?

The laser wireless optical mouse has laser sensors to direct the mouse on the screen as without it is a roll ball used to do so.

Uses an internal sensor or laser to detect the mouse's movement?

Optical...If im not mistaken.

What is the average price of an optical computer mouse?

The price for an optical mouse varies depending on the brand, features and manufacturer. For a basic corded optical mouse the average price is about $10. For a wireless mouse the cost can range between $20 and $100 depending on the features. The average cost is about $50 for a quality wireless optical mouse.

How are an optical mouse an air mouse wireless mouse different?

Optical mouse works on the principle of image processing techniques while air mouse works on the principle of inertial motion sensing

Does an optical mouse need only software on computer?

Usually an optical mouse will be happy using the plain, generic mouse driver your operating system provides. There's nothing actually different about how the mouse talks to your computer just because it's optical. The optical data is for the mouse to process, not your computer, jusy as it was when there were trackballs in the devices.

Led in optical mouse keeps blinking?

Mouse pad.

What exactly is a optical mouse?

An optical mouse works just like a regular mouse in that it is used to click on various things on the computer monitor. The only difference is that optical mouses can be used without a wire which makes for easier access.