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There is no address given in the original story. However, its assumed due to descriptions of the area that the office was somewhere near Corn Hill in London

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Q: What is the address where Ebenezer Scrooge ran his business?
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What was Scrooge's work in 'A Christmas Carol'?

SCrooge (and Marley) were merchants and warehousers of goods(normally corn) but they also ran a money lending business and a property rental business

What type of business did Scrooge and Marley run?

Scrooge and Marley were merchants and ran warehouses. In additon they loaned money and retented property

What business did scrooge and Marley share in A Christmas Carol?

They ran a mecrchants and warehouse business. They traded in anything that made money. Then they had properties they would rent and offered a money loan business as well.

What is Merley's purpose in the story Christmas carol?

It's MArley, not MErley- he is Ebenezer Scrooge's deceased buisness partner, who appears to Scrooge as a ghost on Christmas Eve weighed down with chains, ledger books and strongboxes. In personality he was Scrooge's junior partner in the law firm they ran together, and was treated badly by Ebenezer, eventually dying of an illness due to being overworked and not being paid enough money to pay for medical care. He returns to warn Scrooge of the impending visit of the three Spirits, to warn him to take heed of their messages, and to berate him for his ill-treatment of Marley in life. he is, in essence, an embodiment of the effect that Scrooge has upon people, and this is symbolised by the chains he is bound in, plus the ledgers and safes that Scrooge kept him metaphorically 'bound' to in life.

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