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A gb (gigabyte) is about 250ish songs depending on length. A gb is all storage though, so photos videos all that is stored in the gb.

The higher the gb the more storage

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Q: What is the Storage capacity of a Ipod and mp3 player?
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What is the maximum storage capacity of mp3 player?

There is no maximum capacity, unless you are referring to a specific Mp3 player. i.e. max capacity of an iPod Touch is 64gb

What is the smallest size mp3 player available and how much storage does it have?

One of the smallest brand name mp3 players available is the Ipod shuffle or nano. The storage ranges from 2 gigabytes for the ipod shuffle to the 16 gigabytes of the ipod nano.

What are two examples of an MP3 player that features at least 4GB of storage?

There are several examples of an MP3 player that features at least 4GB of storage. Two examples of these MP3 players include the Apple iPod and Mach Speed Eclipse.

What is better and iPod or an mp3 player?

An iPod is an MP3 player. Is that true?

Is the Apple IPod still the best MP3 Player on the market?

Yes, apple ipod still offers the best overall performance out of all MP3 players in the market. Ipod features better price, speed and capacity.

What is the iPod?

An iPod is a music Mp3 player

What are the function of usb port?

Allowing you to Plug in Separate Devices such as a USB mouse, an MP3 Player/iPod, a PSP, or Flash Drives which hold Storage. and Data Transfer

What is better an iPod and a mp3 player?

An ipod is a very popular and high quality mp3 player. While mp3 players may be less expansive, you might not get the to notch quality of an ipod.

Is iPod Apples top mp3 player?

iPod is Apple's only mp3 player. There are, however, many different models - from the iPod classic and the iPod shuffle to the iPod mini and the iPod touch.

Should I buy a new iPod touch 8gb?

The iPod touch 8gb is a fine mp3 player that has several other attractive features, including internet capabilities. The 8gb stands for the storage amount of 8 gigabytes. If it is in your price range, it is a great mp3 player.

What are the similarities between an mp3 and ipod?

None really. MP3 is an audio file format. An iPod is a storage and playback device for multiple media formats.

Which is the better MP3 player?