What is the Giant of Tarapaca?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The "Giant of Tarapaca" is also referred to as the "Atacama Giant". Tarapaca is a region in the country of Chile in South America. The "Giant" is a geoglyph, a large drawing on the ground in the Atacama Desert in the Tarapaca region. You can view a picture of it here: "This is possibly the biggest geoglyph of Chile. It is found on the west slope of an isolated hill (Cerro Unita) in the middle of the Atacama, a short distance NW from the Tarapaca engraved boulders (see map). It is a human figure of about 100 metres high (here photographed in oblique view) that is only fully appreciated from the sky. It is called 'The Lord of the Atacama' and possibly represents the supremede Inca deity Wiracocha, although others suggest that it is Tunupa, another Andean god. The figure may also be related to the Staff-God of the Chavin culture."

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Q: What is the Giant of Tarapaca?
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