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Equable climate is fair but extreme climate can be VERY hot or VERY cold

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Q: What is the Difference between equable and extreme climate?
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distinguish between equable and extreme climate?


Difference between equitable and extreme climates?

equable climate means,never to hot or cold like Mumbai. extreme climate means,like Delhi-2 degrees in winter and 45 degrees in summer. NOTE:EQUABLE CLIMATE IS FAIR BUT EXTREME CLIMATE IS VERY COLD OR VERY HOT.

Why Mumbai has equable climate while delhi has extreme type of climate?

Mumbai has a moderate climate while Delhi experiences extreme climate . This is because Mumbai's coastal nature and tropical location ensures moderate temperatures throughout the year . Delhi's distance from the sea gives it an extreme type of climate .

Difference between extreme and moderate climate?

Moderate climate means not very hot or nor very cold. Extreme climate means very hot or very cold.

What is the difference between chiaroscuro and tenebroso?

tenebroso is an extreme form of chiaroscuro.

What is the difference between extremist and moderate leaders?

Extremist is extreme, moderate is moderate.

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the difference between physical fatigue and psychological fatigue is that, physical fatigue is, extreme tiredness of the whole body, and psychological fatigue is, extreme tiredness caused by your mental state.

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Extreme is a more powerful version of "very". It also has a negative undertone - "extreme" generally has the implication of "something being so above/below average that it could have bad consequences".

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Why does Mongolia experiences extreme in temperature?

Mongolia experiences extremes in temperature because it has extreme continental climate

What is extreme climate change?

Extreme means very serious. Extreme climate change would be if the temperature rose by 5°C. This would seriously threaten most life on earth.