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checkered stock, gold trigger, receiver engraving, and price.

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Q: What is the Difference between Grade 1 and Grade 2 BL-22 Browning?
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What is my mint condition mid 70's browning bl22 grade 2 worth?

Your Browning BL-22 Grade II will bring between 425-450 dollars in the condition that you describe.

When was this browning made bl22 L3371?

You will have to contact Browning to find out.

When was this Browning BL22 made 71B60662?


When was this Browning BL22 made 57B71089?

The BL22 was made from 1970-2003.I would contact Browning directly and their customer service dept can identify the year of manufacture for you.

What is the vaiue of a browning bl22 1979?

50-400 usd

When was this browning made BL22 3781283?

The serial number is not correct for a BL22. It should have letters associated within the number. Please re-check and ask again. Thank you

What year was a browning BL22 Serial?

Can't be answered since no serial number was provided.

What is the year and value of your browning bl22 serial 71b64207?

1971, up to 500 USD

How do you tell how old gun is bl22?

Try the blue book of firearms value or call browning

You are looking for an instructionowner manual of a rifle Miroku ML 22 lever action 22lr very similar to Browning bl22?

You may be able to find an instruction manual on eBay or

What is the value of a browning bl22 long 8?

Check the auction sites. To many variables that you don't address, like overall condition, accessories, box, manual, number of rounds fired, etc..

Did browning ever use only numbers without letters on the bl 22?

The answer is no. The BL22 was introduced in 1970 and had a "70B" preceding the production number. The number changed for each year thru 1976 which was 76B. After 1976 the new system was used and a two letter code was used to determine date. Be aware though, that FN produced and sold this model outside the US beginning in 1956. These were FN guns and essentially the same as the Brownings that were imported in 1970. The markings are different and do not say "Browning Arms Co." on the barrels. It's probable that the FN guns did not have a letter in the serial number.