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The definition of a limited service hotel is a hotel with limited amenities. These hotels do not have restaurants, or banquet facilities.

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2014-08-21 08:44:14
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Q: What is the Definition of limited service hotel?
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Definition of a budget hotel?

Accommodation with standardized and limited service, at usually affordable prices.

What is the definition of terms in performance of hotel and restaurant management?


What are the hotel classification by target service level?

*World class sevice hotels *Mid-range service hotels *Limited service hotels

Definition of room service?

Many hotels and hotel chains offer room service to guests. Room service is meal service that is delivered to your room. Many times, the meal options are similar to those in the hotel restaurants.

Definition of three star hotel?

A three star hotel has typically has more amenities, better service, and interior and exterior decor than a two star hotel. The related link below provides a description of hotel ratings.

What is the definition of family hotel?

family hotel

What is the definition of city hotel?

what is city hotel

How many types service in hotel?

If you meant "How many types of service in a hotel?", it depends on the hotel.

What is meant by hotel service?

Hotel service is meaning what the hotel will provide for its customers. Hotel service may provide the customer with room service including bringing up specific foods to their room.

Hotel industry a product or a service?

service, you dont get to keep the hotel room, its a temporay service

What is the definition of a Heritage Hotel?

== ==

What is club reception service in hotel?

Club Reception service in a hotel is a service (with benefits) designated for members of the hotel's club or VIP service. This is like a frequent flyer's club for an airline service.

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