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Are you using "jeer" as a verb? As in: I had to jeer at him for acting like such a fool. If so, jeer is also used this way in American verbage.

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Q: What is the American equivalent of the word jeer - to blow a raspberry?
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Use jeer in a sentence?

Do not jeer unless you can do better yourself

How do you use the word jeer into sentence?

Jeer- verb The brother jeered his sister.

What is the part of speech is jeer?

The word jeering is a verb. It is the present participle of the verb jeer.

What is a synonym for the word jeer?

mock, make fun of, say boo, jeer is no good word.

What part of speech is jeer?

The word "jeer" is a verb that means to make rude and mocking remarks.

What is the opposite of jeer?

The modern opposite of jeer (mock) is "cheer" but it could also be applaud, acclaim, or hail.

How do you use jeer in a sentence?

Jeer is a word meaning to mock in an evil way. It is not quite a sneer, but it means to make fun of someone in public. "Rocko led the jeer of the crowd with his taunts of Micheal."

What is the synonym for jeer?


Is jeer the opposite of smiling?


What page in The Giver is the word jeer?

The word "jeer" appears on page 13 in the book "The Giver" by Lois Lowry. In this scene, Jonas experiences strange behavior from some of his classmates, who jeer at him.