What is that hard white stuff in panties?

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2011-04-25 22:17:29

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Basically, it discharge from the vagina. Very normal, just take a shower or change panties.

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2011-04-25 22:17:29
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Q: What is that hard white stuff in panties?
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How do you know when you are about to have your period?

When there is gooey white stuff in ur panties

What is it called when you have white stuff in your panties?

It could be discharge or drug smuggling.

Is their some medicane for the white stuff in girls panties?

No there isn't because the white stuff in your underwear is a sign that there is periods is coming its not bad just be prepaid with tampons

What is the yellow stuff in your panties?


What does seaman look like in woman panties?

if it is wet creamy or milky white if it is dry it looks like a crusty salty white spot could be mistaken fro discharge from a girl if they feel slippery or sticky that is a sure tell After white panties are washed they have a ghost of a shadow or a yellow spot I do it to my white panties all the time. if you do not like it on them throw them away it is hard to get out of white.

What is the hard white stuff on your teeth?

I believe that is enamel.

What color panties to wear under white clothing?

this is way 2 easy. wear white panties

What is long hard with white stuff all around it?

The north pole!

What color bra and panties are you wearing right now?

Bra: white Panties: blue with black stripes

What kind of panties does jennay fehoko wear?

uh, she wears regular panties. why do you people need to know this stuff? that's highly personal.

What color panties Carrie Underwood wear?


Why does it get to hard when white stuff comes out from the penis?

In order to ejaculate your "white stuff" (cum, semen, etc.), your penis must be erect (or "hard"). Otherwise ejaculation is simply difficult to impossible. Besdies, the harder it is, the better it feels!

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