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Surrendering a vehicle, in a financial sense, means that it is being repossessed and it is being given back to the finance company. The company will usually send someone to collect the vehicle.

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Q: What is surrendering your vehicle mean?
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Can you get arrested for not surrendering a vehicle?

yeah,if it is not mine or for violating rules.

What is the word surrendering mean?

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Can a civilian enforce surrendering of a drivers license for the purpose of employment?

What is meant by "surrendering?" If you mean giving a copy of your license to your employer for their records, that is legal and proper. Your drivers license is a 'public record' document.

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Do they take back lease cars in a bankruptcy?

An unexpired lease can be reaffirmed or the vehicle can be surrendered. The leasing company will take the car back if you are surrendering it. Keep it insured or you will have to pay for any damage sustained by the vehicle or caused by the vehicle until the leasing company actually takes possession of it.

If full payment is demanded to prevent repo can this be resolved?

Yes, buy submitting payment in full, or voluntarily surrendering the vehicle. Failure to do either will result in the involuntary repossession of the vehicle. The later will more severely affect your credit rating.

Is there a form to use when voluntarily surrendering your vehicle?

Depends on the Lender, some do, most dont. It would be god on your part to take pics of the car when you turn it in. CYA deal.

What does a vehicle DIN mean?

if you mean vehicle vin, the vin is short for vehicle identification number.

What is a synonym for evading?


If filing a chapter 7 will they take a vehicle that is paid for and is 10 yrs old with high mileage?

It depends on the vehicle and your state's exemptions. In Ohio there is an exemption for vehicles of up to $1,000. You can also pay the Trustee the diff instead of surrendering the vehicle. Every state has their own exemption amounts. (There are also Federal exemptions)

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