What is scrub vegetation?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Scrub vegetation is usually plants that are low to the ground hugging shrubs. Deserts are a good example of what this means. The plants have adapted themselves to be able to survive in conditions other taller plants, couldn't. They can store water a long time, provide food for those who know what to do with them & have been used in any number of dishes (including candy!) to sustain desert dwellers. Cacti are one of the best examples of that.

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Q: What is scrub vegetation?
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What is the natural vegetation in hot desert?


Why balochistan have much scrub vegetation?

plz tell me

How is Greece's natural vegetation similar to that of other Mediterranean countries?

it has been reduced to scrub vegetation by overgrazing

What is Amazon vegetation?

Rain forest to grasslands and desert scrub.

What kinds of vegetation are found on the yucatan peninsula?

scrub forest

What is New Zealand scrub?

In New Zealand scrub can be used to refer to bushy vegetation (not trees) and the term implies low value.

Where can you find scrub vegetation?

In many arid areas all over the world.

The two main natural vegetation regions in the southern part of Northern Eurasia are?

The dominant vegetation regions in the South are temperategrassland and desert scrub.

What is scrub land and waste?

Scrub land refers to land where only brush grows, no trees or substantial vegetation, and waste refers to land where little if anything grows.

Four major vegetation regions common to both the US and Canada are?

Grassland, forest, scrub, tundra.

What kind of vegetation would you expect to find in Rome Italy has a Mediterranean climate?

Chaparral - scrub and woodland

Mali is arid what kind of vegetation would it produce?

Cactus, grasses, scrub bushes, small trees, & succulents.