What is oocl tracking and is it easy?

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2011-09-29 18:53:47

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OOCL is a mobile cargo tracking system. If you want to find where your shipment is, you can do it from your cell phone. So I would say yes, it is easy to use.

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2011-09-29 18:53:47
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Q: What is oocl tracking and is it easy?
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What is oocl traking used for?

OOCL is used for tracking cargo. You can track sailing schedules, shipping instructions, shipment milestone statuses, booking confirmation or cancellation, and more.

What type of products can someone find at OOCL Tracking online?

The type of products you can find at OOCL tracking online is a tracking number for your sea freight, door to door delivery and super competitive pricing with very fast transit time. They also offer personalized attention to your shipment.

Put wayward in a sentence?

Tracking the wayward path of a comet is no easy matter.

What is the address of air-india office in shanghai?

Room 1002, OOCL Plaza, No.841 Yan'an Road (M), Shanghai

What is file tracking and management system?

File Tracking System - FTS is an application to monitor the movement of Files and Receipts and assist in their easy tracking. It is an integrated package which has features right from diarizing of receipts/files, updating its status, opening of new files, tracking the movement of the files, dispatch of letters/files and finally records tracking.

Can I install a fleet tracking system on my taxis?

You can install a fleet tracking system on your taxis, and all the cars as well. It is very easy to do so, and it can be installed on all of your cars.

How can i get the tracking number of a package im supposed to be recieving besides asking the person who sent it?

Getting a tracking number for a package is easy. All you have to do is go to the post office and ask.

What are good tracking devices?

"If by good tracking devices, it is referring to GPS units, there are several devices in this market that do fairly well. It is important to look for one that has a good screen size and is easy to understand."

Is there an app for a week by week pregnancy tracking?

iTunes and the Play Store app finder both have pregnancy tracking apps. also has a easy to download app option. Progress tracking tickers can also be downloaded onto social media sites such as Facebook.

What is a good inventory tracking system?

A good inventory tracking system should be computerized. You will get much more information with much less effort using a computerized system instead of tracking inventory manually. Good inventory tracking software should be user-friendly and easy to enter sales data. A good inventory tracking system will tell you what items you have in stock, when you need to order, and how much you have sold.

What does DTDC services provide?

The services provided by DTDC offer options for tracking packages or any type of shipment that may be in their database. It is a web based tracking system and is quite easy and simple to use.

Electronic tracking system used in automotive?

Yes, electronic tracking devices are often installed in automobiles. Usually, this is authorities' requerement. When the car is stolen, it could be found very easy when this kind of device is installed.

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