What is one third of eighteen?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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1/3 of eighteen would be 6. Just divide eighteen by three.

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Q: What is one third of eighteen?
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What does the of mean in this equation one third of eighteen?


What would be the number if one third of it was eighteen?


How many sixths are there in one upon eighteen?

A third.

What is five and one third feet multiplied by eighteen sixth?


How much is eighteen times one third?

18 x 1/3 = 6

What is five thirds of eighteen?

Five thirds of eighteen is thirty. There are two ways to find this. One is to multiply 5 (the numerator) by 18, which gives you 90. Then, divide 90 by 3 (the denominator). This gives you 30. The other way is to divide eighteen by 3 to find one third of 18. To find 5 thirds of 18, simply multiply one third of 18 by 5.

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What is nineteen over eighteen as a mixed number?

one and one over eighteen.

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What is one percent of eighteen dollars an eighteen cents?


If an element has eighteen electrons how many would be in the third energy level?


How much is two third of eighteen?

You divide 18 by 3=6 6x2=12