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to decrease air resistance, when running, sprinters let their hands hang loose instead of making fists. this decreases the amount of air your hand has to break through.

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Q: What is one thing sprinters do to decrease resistance from air?
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Does air resistance increase or decrease the acceleration of a falling obect?

Well, the more the air resistance, the lower the acceleration.

Does air resistance increase or decrease the acceleration of a falling leaf from a tree?

Air resistance decreases acceleration of falling objects

Why does decreasing the surface area of a piece of paper decrease its air resistance when it is dropped in the air?

Thanks for the Hairbrush.

How does air resistance affect terminal velocity?

Without air resistance, there would be no such thing as terminal velocity.

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To increase friction, the car goes faster so that the air resistance becomes greater. To decrease friction the car goes slower to decrease the air resistance acting on the car. Hope that helped:)

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Air resistance against the bob and string and friction in the pivot make the amplitude of a simple pendulum decrease.

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because air resistance rises exponentially.

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Drop a pound of feathers (in a bag) and a pound of lead from a height. The smaller mass of the lead will let it fall faster due to less air resistance, than the greater mass and much greater air resistance of the feathers.

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Resitance of air varies based on: 1. Percentage content of moisture (higher the moisture, lesser the resistance) 2. Percentage content of suspended dust particles and conductivity of those suspended particles (higher the content, lesser the resistance)

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