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Its areas where Scrooge is given warnings of what may happen. This is especially important in Stave 1 when Marley tells Scrooge that his fate thus far was to walk the earth in torment for eternity and in stave 4 when teh Ghost of Chreistmas Yet to Come shows Scrooge the visons of what might be , in this case Scrooges death

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an allusion is a reference to one literary or historical person or event to explain another one reference is (Marley)

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As Dead As A Doornail

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Q: What is one example of allusion in a Christmas carol stave 1?
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How many places did Scrooge go to in stave 4 of A Christmas Carol?

He went to at least three to four different places in stave four of A Christmas Carol.

What is the phantom's name that appears at the end of Stave 3 of a Christmas carol?

The spirit through that stave is the Ghost of Christmas Present

Does Stave One of A Christmas Carol take place on Christmas Eve?

Yes, it does.

What does Scrooge buy in A Christmas Carol?

A Turkey in Stave 5

Was Christmas goose mentioned in Charles dickens Christmas carol?

yes in stave 3

Who appears at the very end of the stave in a Christmas carol?

At the end of Stave 3 the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Coem appears nearly immediately

Who is the grave in stave 4 of Christmas carol?


What is the symbolism of the seven staves in A Christmas Carol?

There are only five staves in A Chrstmas Carol. each stave (stave being used for music and song) setting out Scrooges life to that fateful Christmas Eve

Who had come to visit Scrooge in stave 1 in the book A Christmas Carol?

his nephew

What were the business men talking about in Stave Four in A Christmas Carol?

The death of Scrooge

Summary of A Christmas Carol stave 2?

Go back and reread the story. You will get it .

What are all the personification in Stave 1 of A Christmas Carol?

congenial frost misanthropic ice