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It was a pink bunny costume that his aunt had made him.

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Q: What is on the pajamas that Ralphie gets in A Christmas Story?
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What broke down on the Oldsmobile in the Christmas story?

In "A Christmas Story," the Oldsmobile gets a flat tire. Main character Ralphie gets out to help his father change the flat. When he loses the lug nuts accidentally, Ralphie slips and curses in front of his father.

What happens to Ralphie's friend Flick in the movie A Christmas Story?

Flick gets triple dog dared to stick his tongue to a frozen flagpole

Who was the narrator in the movie A Christmas Story?

Probably late 1939 or 1940. The Wizard of Oz characters are present in the Christmas parade and Halle's department store (THE WIZARD OF OZ movie was released in 1939), and the Little Orphan Annie decoder that Ralphie gets in the mail is the 1940 model (which was mailed out by Ovaltine starting in late 1939).

What street did ralphie Parker live on in a Christmas story?

According to Wikipedia, The film is set in the fictional city of Hohman (based on real-life city of Hammond, Indiana) The author, Jean Shepherd, grew up in Hammond, IN and many of his stories are based on his time there.

What is the holiday movie where a boy gets his tongue stuck to a flag pole?

A Christmas Story

What does may belle get for Christmas in the story bridge to terabithia?

May Belle gets a puppy for Christmas in the story "Bridge to Terabithia." The puppy's name is Jack A. Roo and he becomes her beloved companion throughout the novel.

What is the climax in the boy in the stripped pajamas?

The climax is when the 'boy' gets killed in the gas room

What can you do if your heartbroken and alone if you admire a Asian woman who gets your bus and you wanted to be with her at Christmas but you now will not see until after Christmas?

Well, that is an interesting story. You could skyp her, call her and talk to her on Christmas, or just be thankful that you even get to see her at all.

Why does Bruno move from Berlin in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas?

Bruno's father gets a promotion to 'Out-With' and takes his family with him.

What is the falling resolution Toy Story 1?

Everything that happens after they take off in the rocket I guess. Gliding into the car and Christmas time when Andy gets a puppy and all that.

What is a Christmas ballet children enjoy?

The Nutcracker is the ballet most associated with Christmas. The story takes place on Christmas and involves the gift of a nutcracker. It was written by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1892.

Looking for a movie Title I think it is a Sequel to a Christmas Story It's about a kid who is into little toy tops and gets bully by another kid?

Look it up as "My Summer Story". If you try to look it up under "It runs in the Family" you won't find it.