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Is a point is named by a lowercase letter? I don't think so. A point is labeled by capital letters.

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Q: What is named by a lowercase letter?
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Why is the second letter written in the lowercase?

the second letter is lowercase because the old emperor Augustus named his son lowercasius, and then said that any word will have the first letter only in capital. and since then people have adapted this rule and changed it slightly so now you can only have a capital at the name of something and at the start of a new sentence. all the other letters have to be lowercase

Is the genotype for free earlobes reprented with two capital letters or two lowercase letters?

one capital letter and one lowercase letter

What is the line in the lowercase letter i called?

the stem

What is it when a gene is represented with a lowercase letter?


How are dominant and recessive alleles are represented in a punnet square?

Dominant alleles are shown by a capital letter and recessive alleles are lowercase letters.

What is the antonym for 'majuscule'?

small, lowercase, minuscule, small letter

What do specific names begin with?

In the context of taxonomy, the answer is a lowercase letter.

All specific names begin an?

s The Answer is: Lowercase letter

Dominant genes are written with?

Usually with a capital letter and the recessive genes are written with a lowercase letter.

What is A capital letter or a combination of a capital letter and a lowercase letter that is used to represent an element is called a what?

chemical symbol

What does a cursive lowercase letter name in geometry?

It usually names a line.

Which lowercase letter is usually used to represent a correlation coefficient?

It is r.