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its depends on what type of coach or lx bag you buy. but i think that coach bags are more on the expensive side

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Q: What is more expensive coach or lx?
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Why are coach bags a lot more expensive than other bags?

Coach bags are more expensive than other bags because of the Coach label or design. It has become a popular bag for celebrities, which increases the demand for the bag and further increases the price.

What makes Coach handbags more expensive than an average handbag?

Coach handbags are more expensive than the average handbag because they are mostly crafted by hand. Coach bags are always tested for quality. The materials used are fancy and sometimes even rare.

What is more expensive-Louis Vuitton or Coach?

maybe LV!!!If you find a Louis Vuitton handbag that's cheap, it's probably a knockoff. They sell it in the ლBabaReplicaლ. Real ones are much more expensive.

What kind of pocketbook fabric lasts the longest?

I think that the coach purse lasts the longest, because it is more expensive :]

Are first class tickets that much more expensive than coach?

Yes, first class tickets are much more expensive. However, they are worth it! Iove flying first class because you get so much more room.

Are Coach Messenger bags expensive?

Genuine Coach diaper bags are very expensive. These diaper bags often cost approximately US $600.00 and more. There are also many ripoffs on the market so be very aware of where you purchase your Coach diaper bag.

How expensive is Coach sneakers in the US?

Coach products are usually expensive. Prices of Coach sneakers can range between $100 and $360. Also, one can occasionally find some of the sneakers on sale for around $50.

Why are coach bags expensive?

Because they are a famous brand.

Are coach rain boots expensive?

Coach rain boots are expensive but stylish. However they are durable and can lasts for several years. And because they are stylish they can be worn to special events.

Is a Coach purse worth more if it was made in New York?

NO, cause its ALWAYS TOO EXPENSIVE @ N.Y. so why bother buying it there...

Who is the most expensive golf coach?

Butch Harmon or Hank Haney (Tiger Woods' current coach).

How much would a dog collar by Coach cost?

Dog collars can be purchased by Coach. They usually cost in the region of å£60, but there are some cheaper and some more expensive options, depending on the design.