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I don't know his personal number but he does have a phone number for his fans and you can see the number for it in the early YouTube videos on the account "mussolive"

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Q: What is mitcheal musso mobile number?
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Mitchel Musso's girlfriend is Shawn Johnson

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yes No he is NOT

What is mitcheal mussos real name?

His real name is Mitchel Tate Musso.

What is Marc musso's birthday?

He is a June BABY.He is fithteen or sixteen.He was born in 1989. OH YAH, did you know Taylor swift dated mitcheal musso?

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well we don't know who he is going out with so we cant say but try and find out for us and then right it in fro us please!

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he has two brothers, mason and Marc, Marc is his younger brother and mason is older, he's in a band called metro station with Miley Cyrus's brother, trace Cyrus

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Mitchel Musso's favorite number is 6.

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he has a Blackberry. im not sure which one, but definitely a blackberry