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Frank de Haas in Single Shot Rifles and Actions shows the dates of manufacture for the #4 model Remington rolling block as 1890 to 1933. The first type being the rigid frame with screw in barrel. Konrad Schreier indicates the lever takedown type was introduced about 1900 made through 1910 when Remington changed to the thumb screw style takedown system. The last type was manufactured with a round barrel as opposed to the former tapered octagon barrels. The earliest #4s do not have alfa designations as part of the serial number. For photo examples of these types see Due to Remington's incomplete or nonexistant records the exact date of your rifle manufacture may never be known.

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Q: What is mfg date of Remington 22 cal octagonal barrel rolling block rifle serial number j245900 22 mfg in ilion ny?
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