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The constitution is not permanent. Sections in the constitution can be altered by the super majorities in the legislature or by direct approval of the referendum by the electorate. In both sides, it is the majority side that rules.

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Q: What is method of amending the Constitution?
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What are the two steps of the second method of amending the constitution?

The two steps in the second method of amending the Constitution are: proposal by Congress and ratification by conventions.

Every method of the amending the constitution must include what?

two thirds of the house approval !!

Article 5 deals with what concept?

amending the constitution amending the constitution

What is Article 5 of the Constitution outlines a second method for amending the Constitution?

a convention made up of two-thirds of the states can propose an amendment.

What is an amending formula?

An amending formula is a procedure for changing the Constitution.

What article provides for amending the constitution?

Article 5: Amending the Constitution Two Thirds of both houses

What are the two steps invoved in the 4th method of amending the constitution?

proposed by sa national conventionratified by conventions in 3/4 of the states

What are the two steps in the fourth method of amending the constitution?

An amendment can be proposed by a national convention and ratified by conventions in three fourths of the States.

What are the two steps in the third method of amending the constitution?

1. an amendment may be proposed be national convention. 2. then must be ratified by 3/4 of the state legislatures.

Amending the constitution?

article v

How have the four informal methods of amending the constitution to be amending the constitution affected the role of the executive branch in the federal government?

read the book

What process does Article V of the Constitution describe?

Amending the Constitution